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Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the david petraeus saga. janelle wang breaks down this complicated case in our world tonight. >> reporter: raj, the florida socialite at the center of the scandal apparently exchanged flirtatious e-mails with another four-star general. the fbi is reviewing thousands of documents between jill kelley and general john allen. under military law adultery is a crime but allen's spokesperson insists there was no affair. kelley is the woman who complained to the fbi after receiving harassing anonymous e-mails. agents found those e-mails were sent by paula broadwell, who was having an affair with general david petraeus and apparently was jealous of petraeus' friendship with kelley. the discovery of the affair prompted petraeus to resign as cia chief last friday. as for general allen, he continues to have the support of the president. >> i can tell you that the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country as well as the job he has done in afghanistan. >> general allen was supposed to be appointed to nato commander this thursday but that confirmation hearing has been
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
. and the other other woman. the secret e-mails that uncovered the david petraeus affair. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> now top lawmakers are demanding answers as new details surface in the david petraeus affair. >> who knew what and when. nbc bay area's janelle watching has more in our world tonight. >> reporter: the fbi actually had nope about the affair for months, but under protocol does not have to notify the president especially since it found no criminal wrongdoing or threat to national security. it all started back in may when a close friend of the petraeus family, ll kelley, started receiving threatening anonymous e-mails. the fbi looked into it and disco
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
david petraeus, resigning to day, citing infidelity. in a statement he wrote, after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and leader of an organization. such as ours. now the woman he had an affair with not identified. nbc has confirmed the fbi is looking at e-mails exchanged between petraeus and his biographer, to see if national security was in any way put at risk. president obama did accept petraeus' resignation saying he wishes him and his wife, the very best at this difficult time. that bombshell came as a surprise to many on capitol hill. >> for lack of a better term, petraeus is a legend. one of the few generals in american history to get so much credit for so many things. >> petraeus was appointed to c if a director last year. prior to that commander of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. senator dianne feinstein called the resignation an enormous loss but says she understand the president's decision. >> this is not your ordinary pen. this pen can change or per
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3